Our laboratory

Specialized in the manufacture of e-liquids, the Solevan France Group is experienced in meeting the requirements of the demanding electronic cigarette market. From design of the product through to production and distribution, the entire manufacturing process takes place in France guaranteeing European levels of quality and expertise. Located solely in France in the South and the Paris region, our manufacturing facilities combine productivity and safety to create e-liquids of excellence. Our range of automated and semi-automated lines have the daily production capacity to meet the requirements of all our customers. We also provide contract manufacturing with a full or à la carte range of services according to your requirements and wishes, our R&D department is also at your service to optimize production of your e-liquids to tight deadlines. We make our full range of expertise available to you in order to meet all your needs.

In the development of our French e-liquids our laboratory only uses food flavorings which are made in France, as well as water purified to pharmacopeia standards and premium quality nicotine (USP/EP/ GMP/FDA approved). To ensure our products are of superior quality, our quality control department employs regular testing procedures to ensure that the strictest regulatory requirements are met. Our bottles and labels also conform to all legislation and provide users with the highest levels of safety. Our e-liquids are all assigned traceability numbers in order to control the origin of products and to conform to current European production Directives. We provide a customer extranet providing access to important documents and to provide news on changes to the regulations. Our proximity to our customers creates a feeling of trust and support allowing them to concentrate on marketing their range of "Made in France" e-liquids. The electronic cigarette market is expanding rapidly and we are always working at full capacity. We have deployed a range of expertise covering resource management, organization, high-capacity equipment, IT and logistics in order to respond to this urgency.